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Taylor Endodontics, Endodontist, Root Canal Therapy, Jay Taylor DDS - Fargo, North Dakota & Detroit Lakes, Minnesota

Fargo, ND • Detroit Lakes, Minnesota


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Patient and Referring Physician Testimonials

 I’ve had several root canals and can’t say how much I appreciate going to your office for one. This really comes to light when I hear my sister and a friend, who both live in another area of the state, needed root canals. It was not a comfortable experience for them…to say the least. My friend said she was in the chair for three hours! Three hours!!! I believe one of my root canals required an incision in my gum…I’m pretty sure I didn’t spend three hours in the chair for that. I really feel bad for anyone that doesn’t have access to an Endodontic office as I do.

Thank you so much for the fine work you do!


"I came to my appointment expecting a major interruption in my day.  I was so impressed with the timeliness of my appointment...I was in and out in an hour and was able to return to work and my daily activities!"

Karen - Fargo

"I cannot believe how much things have changed since I had my last root canal 10 years ago!  I can actually say this was a breeze."  

John - Valley City

"From my first contact on the phone making my appointment, to my actual treatment by Dr, Taylor and his assistant, I felt completely at ease and cared for as if I were a friend.  I could not have asked for better care.  Thank you!"

Hannah - Detroit Lakes

"I was very anxious for my appointment, as I am with all my dental appointments. You kept reassuring me that I would be pleasantly surprised and didn't need to worry.  You were right!  I don't know why I spent so much time I know better."

Jen - Wahpeton