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Commitment to Excellence

Taylor Endodontics is known all over North Dakota, South Dakota and Minnesota for our commitment to excellence. While Dr. Jay Taylor, along with Kristen, Mary and Lori, have a combined 50 years of dedication, Taylor Endodontics continues to adopt new practices and new state of the art technologies to continue the trend of excellence.  We openly invite you to share in that experience.

Please take note of some exciting new changes for Taylor Endodontics and read a letter from Dr. Jay Taylor. Further, as a patient or a referring doctor, we are thrilled to announce some fantastic new services. Our new secure website will enable you to complete medical history, medication and discomfort forms from the privacy of your own home. As a referring doctor, our secure portal makes it easier than ever to send referrals, patient information and digital images.
Dr. Jay Taylor is one of the only Board-Certified Endodontists in North Dakota and northern Minnesota. Our continued commitment to excellence, combined with our adoption of state of the art technologies makes Taylor Endodontics the clear choice for your Endodontic care. Root Canal Therapy continues to advance and you will notice these advancements in our Fargo, North Dakota and Detroit Lakes, Minnesota office.
Taylor Endodontics gives back  to the community.  Dr. Taylor was recently recognized with a 10 Year Volunteer Plaque for serving North Dakota through the Dental Lifeline Network .  Dental LIfeline serves people with disabilities or who are elderly or medically fragile.  We are happy to contribute our endodontic services to this valuable program. 
Giving Tree of Hope Project 2011

 Thank you to all the offices who shared their favorite memories, traditions and statements of thanks with us during our Giving Tree of Hope project in December here in the Fargo, Moorhead, and Lake's area.  It was heartwarming, touching and FUN reading what you had to say.  

Due to you sharing your responses we will be able to share in the Christmas Spirit with many area children...we know they'll enjoy their gifts, and most of all, be filled with the knowledge that people care!  Thank you for participating in The Giving tree of Hope!

Enjoy a sample of our referring dental office's responses:

We'd like to share a 

"This year we decided to have a new tradition, "Elf on a Shelf."  We have not named the elf yet, but he watches the kids when they are home and at night he goes back and visits Santa to let him know if they  have been naughty or nice.  The kids cannot touch the elf otherwise he will lose his magic.  The kids love this!  ...Jessica

My favorite tradition is Midnight Mass.  There is nothing more special than a beautiful service with candlelight then wakling into a crisp, snowy, and starlit night with your family." ...Dr. Grieger

I am so thankful to live in America and ND in particular.  Great neighbors and precious friends, wonderful sfety and great schools make this a wonderful place to live and raise a family....Dr. Schlect

We have a family tradition that was started by my grandparents.  On Christmas Eve we always have oyster stew and afterwards we open our presents.  We all sit in a circle and take turns so everyone knows what each person gets.  We still do this today even though my grandparents have passed away...Laura

Making cut out sugar cookies with my mom every year and giving them to friends and family.  Now the traditiona is being carried on to my children--they love baking with Grandma!...Stacey



Financial Policy

We are providers for MetLife, Delta Dental, Cigna, and ND Dental Service Corporation.  On the day of service we will collect your out-of-pocket estimate, submit to your insurance and be in contact with you after insurance has paid.  

We submit to almost all other insurance companies.  Payment is due in full on the day of service, however we will submit your insurance claim and any reimbursement will be directed to you, unless other arrangements have been made. 

Care Credit is an option and our office offers 6 months of 0% interest.  

Cash, no insurance discount of 5%.

Eligible for Blue Plus or other Delta Dental-run governement programs? Give our office a call.

Feel free to call and discuss your situation with our front office and we will answer questions and help facilitate your insurance process.

Cancellation Policy

 We appreciate a minimum of 24 hours notice if there is a need to cancel or reschedule your appointment.   Thank you for your courtesy. 

Contact Us

We strive to offer personal and gentle attention, along with the BEST Endodontic care to every person who we come into contact with. You may have heard the terms from your general dentist: root canal, apicoectomy, endodontics, retreatment, infected tooth and are wondering what this means for you.  We are happy to answer any treatment or financial questions you may have, assist with insurance handling, etc.  

Please contact us via phone or email:


Our phone number is: 701- 212-1206 and 800-374-ENDO (3636)




Patient and Referring Physician Testimonials

 I’ve had several root canals and can’t say how much I appreciate going to your office for one. This really comes to light when I hear my sister and a friend, who both live in another area of the state, needed root canals. It was not a comfortable experience for them…to say the least. My friend said she was in the chair for three hours! Three hours!!! I believe one of my root canals required an incision in my gum…I’m pretty sure I didn’t spend three hours in the chair for that. I really feel bad for anyone that doesn’t have access to an Endodontic office as I do.

Thank you so much for the fine work you do!


"I came to my appointment expecting a major interruption in my day.  I was so impressed with the timeliness of my appointment...I was in and out in an hour and was able to return to work and my daily activities!"

Karen - Fargo

"I cannot believe how much things have changed since I had my last root canal 10 years ago!  I can actually say this was a breeze."  

John - Valley City

"From my first contact on the phone making my appointment, to my actual treatment by Dr, Taylor and his assistant, I felt completely at ease and cared for as if I were a friend.  I could not have asked for better care.  Thank you!"

Hannah - Detroit Lakes

"I was very anxious for my appointment, as I am with all my dental appointments. You kept reassuring me that I would be pleasantly surprised and didn't need to worry.  You were right!  I don't know why I spent so much time worrying...now I know better."

Jen - Wahpeton


(701) 212-1206